Welcome to Neverwel!

This summer, collectors will be introduced to a grim world of fellowship, conflict and survival. Neverwel will be one of the first of its kind; a living NFT set that perpetually expands with new characters, items, quests and lore. Swear your allegiance and hold strong for an ancient evil is inhabiting this place.

What Is Neverwel?

Neverwel is a collectible set of NFTs with hand drawn art and custom animations. It is an experience that is tied together through the NFTs and that will have a collaborative relationship with the collectors. The upcoming summer Neverwel release will be an introduction pack of cards containing characters, intriguing items, and hand drawn art. Packs will release periodically in Neverwel and the void between releases will be filled with events, lore pages, and expansions of the Neverwel world into other mediums.

All the tasks you take on in these lands will be constantly fraught with great reward and possible misfortune. You will find a place that rewards risk and your characters and items will grow with knowledge and power through their experience.

Neverwel is not a video game. Quests, interactions with characters, lore, and the way you experience the overall world will play out through NFTs, blending and crafting recipes, Discord, community wide events and more.

Much like crypto, Neverwel is a continent where adventure is balanced with the unknown and the path is not always well defined. Participating actively will gain you knowledge, items, and characters that will harden you into a survivor of Neverwel, but nothing is guaranteed.

What Can You Do In Neverwel?

While exploring Neverwel, you will find interesting inhabitants, curious trinkets, and useful items. But here is what else you can find on your journey:

  • Collect characters, items, and art from an ever expanding world
  • Use NFTs to craft, blend, and try new alchemy
  • Participate in the world of Neverwel through community events
  • Evolve items, changing their appearance
  • Combine character cards to unlock higher tier characters
  • Earn favor that can be used to alter your NFTs border
  • Find your purpose in an unforgiving world

The initial release of Neverwel will have you collecting and learning about the world before we introduce any other features mentioned here. Everything is subject to change as we build out Neverwel as a community.

What is in a Pack?

The first Neverwel release will include characters and items that may eventually serve as useful supplies. Every release will differ, but the initial release is an introduction to the world and culture of Neverwel. You will find characters of various tiers and items of possibly different rarities, although those distinctions will become more clear over time.

Can I Be Part of the Story?

Packs include items and characters that can be directly used in events and quests. Everything in Neverwel can later become a key ingredient in a recipe or as a way to advance through a story. There will be community events that invite the participation of players possibly including them in the main story of Neverwel.

How Can I Join the Community?

The people of Neverwel congregate in the Town Square of Discord, where the brave survivors swap stories and knowledge. Connect your WAX wallet for access to the full Neverwel experience.

The broadboard of Twitter is also a trove for valuable information. Follow the Mirrorpool and Neverwel accounts to be in the know and prepared for whatever comes your way.

When Will Neverwel Launch?

The first Neverwel chapter is coming this summer to WAX. Neverwel is a living set and chapters will continue to be released over time. As chapters release new characters, items, and lore will be released and the world of Neverwel will expand along with the set

What Chain is Neverwel On?

Neverwel will launch initially on the WAX blockchain where the community is strong and transactions are cheap and hassle-free, but the world of Neverwel is not contained to any chain, or even blockchain itself. Eventual releases on other chains are possible, but our team will never recreate items on another chain, or seek to extract value from another community while taking away from what we are building together. Our goal is to expand Neverwel to wherever and however it works best.

Who is Behind Neverwel?

Mirrorpool is an artist led collective that believes in producing fair, fun projects. Learn more about Mirrorpool team at our new site.

How can I start?

When you join our Discord community you will be working towards earning your Wresting Blade. An important item for any denizen of Neverwel. Wresting Blades are handed out in batches and only to those whose WAX wallet is Honeycomb verified on the Discord server. We will airdrop the first batch of Wresting Blades this month so be sure to join and verify your wallet. The team at Mirrorpool is excited for you to join us this summer, only on WAX.

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