Onfall is Coming


Summertime in Neverwel – a land of harsh temperatures and ever present danger. Its people are a hardy lot who work together in order to survive. They have eked out a living in this unrelenting land, building strong bonds and new ways to overcome. It is a world of great beauty, too. Towering mountains, dark forests, unending plains, and rushing waters offer stunning scenes lit by the night sky, ablaze with stars. Surviving here means possessing knowledge passed down for generations, as well as following the paths carved out by your ancestors. 

A detailed map is one heirloom that is passed down through any proper Neverwelian family. With many new travelers setting foot in Neverwel obtaining such a map is not an easy task. 

That is why we have seen fit to provide all new denizens of Neverwel with a rough map of their own!

How to Obtain a Map

Take part in Neverwel’s second NFT drop by completing one simple task – reach level four as a Honeycomb verified Discord user. Everyone who has completed this task by September 30th will be sent a rough map. Additional drops could happen in the future, but there is never any guarantee. 


Following the map drop there will be more opportunities to earn the currency of Neverwel, teeth, through a social event meant to increase activity on Twitter and Discord. This event will lead us into the first official release for Neverwel, Onfall. 


Onfall is an introduction to the world of Neverwel with a cast of characters to meet, interesting items to collect, and art that is unlike any other NFT project. Where we go from Onfall will be up to all of us and the team is looking forward to sharing this world with you.


Welcome to Neverwel!